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Data tells an important story. Where someone is going, where they are, and where they have been. It shows us how countries and economies develop – or how they come apart. And it tells us of hopeful progress that the world has made against poverty, inequality, and diseases.

Explore our data on the dynamic people and economies throughout Africa, and understand how the continent is evolving in a volatile world.

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See key data on economics, health and people in African countries.

Climate Climate
Climate finance reporting is a mess. Here’s how to fix it. Explore
Climate Data Climate Data
Explore The Climate Finance Files, a detailed account of what’s being spend, where. Explore
Economy Economy
Follow the money with data on economic strength and inequality. Explore
Health Health
Where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live, but too often it does. Explore data on health and wellbeing. Explore
People People
Explore data on people, populations, and quality of life. Explore

About the project

The ONE Campaign and Google partnered under a common objective: to get data in the hands of people. Our joint work on ONE Data Commons enables users to harness the power of AI to access and make sense of vast amounts of data on global economic, political, and social topics. All with the aim of ensuring that everyone, everywhere is empowered to challenge the status quo, demand action, and catalyze an end to extreme poverty and preventable disease.

ONE Data Commons is a powerful tool combining the data and research from and hundreds of billions of data points on economics, climate, health, demographics and more from Google's Data Commons.